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Drive ] - Effect level of tube screamer circuit.

Volume ] - Output level.

[ Level ] - Level of tuned feedback.

[ Freq ] - Tuned feedback frequency.

[ Res ] - Resonance of feedback network.

Low ] - Boost/cut frequencies below 1kHz. 0dB at noon.

[ Mid ] - Boost/cut frequencies around 1kHz. 0dB at noon.

High ] - Boost/cut frequencies above 1kHz. 0dB at noon.

King Spark

"If you want to make a tube screamer really scream, make it oscillate."

-Abraham Lincoln

  • King Spark is a 100% analog discrete core overdrive with tunable positive feedback.

  • Increasing positive feedback (level knob OR level expression pedal input) causes bizarre phasing effects until gradual self oscillation at a chosen frequency, either by frequency knob, frequency expression pedal input or incoming voltage from an external synthesizer. It does respond to 1 volt/octave CV signals. Inside is a true "synthesizer front end"; A linear voltage to exponential current converter making it synthesizer friendly. CV input is DC coupled, allowing for audio rate frequency modulation.

  • In extreme settings the effect sounds reminiscent of natural acoustic oscillation due to a positive feedback loop in your live setup. If the sound waves coming from your speakers are powerful enough, they will naturally cause your strings to vibrate, creating a positive feedback loop that feeds on itself, eventually causing uncontrollable oscillation. King Spark allows you to control the level of this feedback, the frequency in the audio spectrum at which it occurs and the likelihood of vibration in the strings. All of this occurring inside and around the core of the discreet tube screamer itself, intertwining your overdriven guitar signal with the self-oscillation of the positive feedback network. It's playable, controllable and features all the fun of natural acoustic feedback, but without the need for a live setup or having the cops called on you by the upstairs neighbors. You're probably already on thin ice with management.

  • Secondary "secret phaser" output when using a TRS insert cable on the output. Main output on the tip and secret output on the ring. EQ and volume controls have no effect on this secondary output.

PCB Level Controls


[ Trimmer ] - 1 volt/octave trimmer.

[ True/Buff ] - True bypass or buffered bypass.

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