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"And now for something completely different..."

  • Say "hello" to the second incarnation of our 100% custom JFET based Big Muff (Jeff = JFET + Muff). We strived to respect the paradigm of the original Big Muff with our first Jeff release while sill designing "what a Big Muff could be." A careful balancing act between traditional expectations while still trying to stand out from the countless and amazing "Custom Muffs" out there.

  • This version respects no paradigm and was made to befuddle the tone chaser. Without hyperbole, this is for those that truly want something different. From pre-amp stage osccilation, clipping stage high boost, 2 stage gyrator based EQ with cut/boost low, cut/boost highs, swwepable mid frequency boost and a second "post-clipping/pre-EQ output; this isn't really a Big Muff anymore.

                   Sound different.

[ Volume ] - Output Level.

[ Fuzz ] - Fuzz level.

[ Oscillate enable ] - Pre-amp stage oscillation - on/off.

[ Clipping Boost ] - Clipping stage high frequency boost - on/off.

[ Low ] - Boost/cut frequencies. 0dB at noon.

[ Sweep ] - Frequency sweep boost.

[ High ] - Boost/cut frequencies. 0dB at noon.

PCB Level Controls

[ True/Buff ] - True bypass or buffered bypass.


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