[ Volume ] - Output Level.

[ Level ] - Input level of amplifier.

[ Gain ] - Amplifier gain.

[ Bias ] - Amplifier bias point. Centered at noon.

PCB Level Controls

[ Half/Full Stack ] - Amplifier topology selection.

Turn pedal off before switching.

[ Lin/Non ] - DC feedback selection.

Turn pedal off before switching.

[ True/Buff ] - True bypass or buffered bypass.

Short Stack

$225 shipped in USA.

Your new favorite booster.

  • Single stage ultra high gain JFET booster/preamp offering clean amplification to overdrive and warm distortion to murder-your-face amplification.

  • Two amplifier topologies available via PCB mounted switch. "Half Stack" and "Full Stack"; the latter injects a pair of matched current sources creating an additional +40dB of gain with softer clipping.

  • Two modes of negative DC feedback for each topology via PCB switch; 'linear' and 'nonlinear' offering slightly different gain and frequency response characteristics.

  • Shipping included for all 50 United States, Guam and US Virgin Islands.

  • Flat $50 shipping charge for international orders.

  • If sold out and you would you would like to know when a new batch of Short Stacks become available please give us your email address below and we will email you when stocked. You will not be contacted for any other purpose and this email is shared with no one.

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