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[ Volume ] - Output Level.

[ Level ] - Input level of amplifier.

[ Gain ] - Amplifier gain.

[ Bias ] - Amplifier bias point. Centered at noon.

PCB Level Controls

[ Half/Full Stack ] - Amplifier topology selection.

Turn pedal off before switching.

[ Lin/Non ] - DC feedback selection.

Turn pedal off before switching.

[ True/Buff ] - True bypass or buffered bypass.

Revision History

  • 1.0 - Initial release.

  • 1.1

    • Slightly wider bass bandwidth.

    • Linear/nonlinear text changed to Bacon/sausage.

Short Stack

Your new favorite booster.

  • Single stage ultra high gain JFET booster/preamp offering kind-of clean amplification to overdrive and warm distortion to murder-your-face amplification.

  • Two amplifier topologies available via PCB mounted switch. "Half Stack" and "Full Stack"; the latter injects a pair of matched current sources creating an additional +40dB of gain with softer clipping.

  • Two modes of negative DC feedback for each topology via PCB switch; 'linear' and 'nonlinear' offering slightly different gain and frequency response characteristics.

If out of stock, please feel free to contact us regarding availability.

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